Fun and Simple Winter Crafts

Winter has nearly gone in many places, but I know that for those family members of mine in Wisconsin and Idaho, hot chocolate still sounds great any time of day.  Here in Pasadena, we have not had a single flake of snow, of course, but that has not stopped us from at least trying to be a bit festive.  Here are some of the Winter crafts that we enjoy.  (See descriptions below)

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1. Dixie Cup Igloo (Dixi cup, glue, scissors, and marshmallows)                                   2.Snow/Paper Snowflakes (either hung or taped to windows) Tip: run them through the sewing machine on a long and loose stitch, leaving a few stitches in between to string them up with a floating effect. (Paper, scissors) You can also string cotton balls on fishing line or thread to make “snow”.  Click here for PDF Instructions on cutting out Snow Stars  SnowStar                                                                                                                                3. Paper Plate Snowman with letters of child’s name (plates, construction paper, glue)      4. Picasso Style Snowman (Melted Snowman Picture construction paper, scissors, glue)    5. Melted Snowman Sugar Cookies and Snowman Ice cream Cones for those of us wearing t-shirts in 75 degree weather this winter.