Tricks For Unique Halloween Treats

Halloween is the perfect holiday for serving unique and silly treats. These ideas for Halloween treats might bring welcomed variety to your festivities this year, and there are even a few almost-healthy options here.  (who are we kidding?.. Halloween is about BEING ONE WITH THE SUGAR RUSH)  I can’t wait to try the caramel apple bites made with green grapes -yum!

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Halloween Brownies


What you need:
Brownie Mix
Candy Corn
Chocolate Chips

What to do:
Make brownies like you normally would, but for the last 5-8 minutes on the timer, take them out and sprinkle on the candy corn, marshmallows, and chocolate chips.

Place the brownies back into the oven and finish baking. Let your brownies cool completely before serving to excited, already sugar-overdosed children or festive adults.


Halloween Fun

Halloween is almost here. The following ideas are great for simple, last minute learning activities.

Get the party started by making your own pin the nose on the Jack o’ lantern game.


OR..make a jack o’ lantern design game, where you can create a variety of different noses, eyes, mouths..etc  to experiment with.  Seize a teaching opportunity by describing the faces and making comments like, “This face looks surprised now that we have changed the eyes” or “This face looks worried now that we changed the mouth.”


And a few crafts from the Lakeshore Learning teachers corner:  Milk Jug Monsters and Paper bag scarecrows.  (click on pdf directions below)

Paper Bag Scarecrows at Lakeshore Learning

Milk Jug Monsters at Lakeshore Learning

Image  Image

Don’t forget to peek at my posts from October of last year to see how to make Flap-jack o ‘lanterns (pumpkin pancakes) and find more great craft ideas. Happy Halloween!