Rainy Day Activity: Making a sea-worthy paper boat

It rained all night here in Pasadena, and although I personally feel nostalgic for the snowy winters of my childhood, we must make due with the weather we’ve got.  My two little girls were enjoying looking out the window at the showers and listening to the noise of the rain on our roof.  Of course my older daughter wanted to go outside to play in the rain, so we decided to try our hand at paper-boat making. Nora helped with smoothing out the creases while folding.  We found a handy tutorial on youtube by a charming little boy who showed us how to make one (you can see the video at the end of this post).

And we’re off! Floating in puddles..

..and racing down the river in our gutter..whoosh! Catch that boat!

We did not catch it, even though we ran as fast as we could.  We will miss you Trigger (the name she chose for her boat). We just read the Classic Golden Book, Scuffy The Tugboat, which teaches about streams, rivers, and how they lead to the ocean –so Nora declared that Trigger was on his way to the ocean, and she thought that would be a happy ending.


2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Activity: Making a sea-worthy paper boat

  1. Great idea! When teaching problem-solving math to K-1’s, I found a terrific “question” which was to figure out how to measure how much water was in a puddle…..the kids were able to brainstorm, to try measuring, and wrote their “solutions” and how they came to them……not the kind of problem you can manufacture easily!

  2. I just remembered that there is a Curious George book that demonstrates making a paper boat out of newspaper and sailing it away.

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