Making/Decorating a Gingerbread House

Tonight we decorated our first gingerbread house! This was a great activity for the kids. Of course, the little ones just wanted to eat it as soon as they put it together. My friend provided the gingerbread and frosting, so that part was easy for us.  Here are her secrets:

Gingerbread (1)

She also tells me that Martha Stewart’s recipe and video instructions are also a good resource. Here is the link:

Here is the pdf template for one of Martha Stewart’s houses:


Here is our festive Gingerbread House.  It looks as cute as it does tasty ☺

Tips from my friend Laura, who is a seasoned pro when it comes to making these:

Saving Halloween candy will provide plenty of options for decorating.

You can use gram crackers instead of gingerbread if you are throwing it together at the last-minute.


2 thoughts on “Making/Decorating a Gingerbread House

  1. Hey Lisa – Could you post the recipe your friend used for making the houses? And tell how many of these Martha Stewart pattern houses one batch of dough is good for. Finding the right recipe, and figuring out how much I need has always been tricky for us.

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