Thanksgiving Craft Roundup

Thanksgiving is upon us, and although most adults enjoy waiting around to eat, eating, watching football, eating more, and can be a potentially tedious affair for young ones with nothing to do before or after the big meal.  With a simple google search I have found some fun ideas for crafts and learning activities to help the kids stay busy and enjoy their turkey day.

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The glittery pinecones are fun name-card place holders, as are the pinecone-turkeys ☺

Another idea that caught my eye was to use fabric markers to trace the children’s hands and draw a turkey face on the thumb to create a table-cloth for the kid’s table with each child’s name and age next to their turkey.  You could also do this with fabric napkins, pot-holders, aprons, t-shirts or onsies. Using permanent markers and fabric markers can be potentially messy, depending on the age of a child, and it does help to soak the item in vinegar and wash it alone the first time so that it won’t bleed onto other fabric.

I also love these Thanksgiving and Autumn themed learning activities which I have found at the fabulous resource of the teachers corner on Lakeshore Learning’s website.  They have many lesson plans and activities for all ages. My favorites are the Pilgrim Patterns activity and the Thanksgiving phonics activity, because they are just right for Nora’s age, and we  plan to do these.  I love their free craft tutorials and lessons plans.

You can copy this address into your browser to see these and other great activities:






HAPPY THANKSGIVING!….gobble..gobble..


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