Thanksgiving Turkey Pinata

When I was growing up, we used to meet up with my mother’s entire family and all of our cousins on her side at my aunt’s home for Thanksgiving. As youngsters, what we looked forward to the most was our annual kid-tradition of making and breaking a turkey pinata. Even with very little preparation, a turkey pinata can easily be whipped up by using a brown paper grocery bag (or several bags layered for strength) as the body, then stapling it shut with the candy inside and making the turkey head and feathers out of construction paper.  Some years my siblings and I would make a paper-mache turkey body for our pinata, which is an easy, fun, but messy option. I have continued this tradition with youth groups at church, and teens enjoy it too. Here is a photo of those good old turkey pinata days in the 80s.

Of course it is wisest NOT to use a real baseball bat, but instead a nerf bat or soft/plastic option. This activity could be dangerous in a small space, so proceed with caution.


2 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Turkey Pinata

  1. Lisa, I love it! We have done it every year as well. I didn’t have time this year to do a paper mache though.. guess we’ll have to settle for a paper bag! – love you! Deb

    • Some fun alternatives to candy are collectable erasers, plastic jewelry, small party-favor type toys, small box or bag of crayons, bouncy-balls, and I am sure there is much more. But of course, everybody loves some candy in there. : )

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