Autumn Art

Although many people are bundling up for a white winter by now, it has finally become semi-colorful around here as far as Autumn goes in Pasadena, CA.  A change of season seems like a great time to learn more about weather and the four seasons.  It’s all about weather and changing seasons for us this week with library books, crafts, and music. Here are two simple craft ideas for Fall that utilize cutting, glueing, painting and budding design skills.

1. Leaf Mosaic: Direct your child to cut out strips of paper in the colors that you want to use. (My three year old was better able to do this by cutting along lines drawn onto the construction paper as a guide.) Then they can snip off pieces of the strip in different shapes and at different angles for the pieces of the mosaic and glue them to the leaf form. You can print off one or both of the leaf forms below, or just draw your own.

leaf1     leaf2

2. Paint over leaf outlines or just paint free-form leaves in Autumn colors.

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One thought on “Autumn Art

  1. Good activity! See if you can find a local flowering deciduous tree within walking distance to follow through the seasons….each time you visit it, even daily, see if Nora can find something different about it……hopefully she’ll get to see the tree’s leaves tuirn color, fall, dry up, make rustling sounds, bare branches, new leaves, buds and flowers, etc.

    About cutting practice….doing so much is absolutely great skill-building; if it’s not too late to teach her to hold the scissors correctly, try having her put her pointer finger around the bottom of the scissors with the thumb and MIDDLE finger in the holes—it’ll feel funny at first but it offers better stability and control.

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