Mind Your Manners

My three-year-old Nora loves to have tea parties, and this morning we were practicing good manners. She chose Momma and Baby Kangaroo along with Owl for her “lovely guests”.  She later relented and included her Dad, who turned out to be a very naughty guest when he ate Owl’s macaroon.  We practiced being a hostess, welcoming guests, thanking guests, telling our guests that they were lovely, serving/pouring, and trying to hold our tea cups properly which we were all a bit awkward at, especially Owl, whom Nora pointed out does not have any arms. When Nora started to eat Mamma Kangaroo’s cookie, she explained that she was “sharing” with Momma Kangaroo and that was good manners..hmm, her explanations can be quite charming.

As usual we will read some books that teach about manners to go along with our tea party. I found a few books on manners at the library, which teach about please and thank you..the basics.  I will be looking for something a bit better tomorrow when we return to the library, as we do each Wednesday for story and craft time.  I think we will try out some of the Fancy Nancy books. We also talked about being a “bad guest” and used Winnie the Pooh and Mr. Jackson (Beatrix Potter) as examples, discussing why they did not have good manners.  (See clip below for Mr. Jackson, the impolite and unwanted guest).


One thought on “Mind Your Manners

  1. Oh, very good practice! I’m sure there are many books about a tea party….including one about an insect who has a tea party and there’s an adorable one for British beginning readers which goes….’Ladybug, ladybug, come to tea.” “No, No, Spider, not me!”
    “Grasshopper, grasshopper, come to tea.” “No, No, Spider, not me!”
    ___________, __________, come to tea.” “No, no Spider, not me!”

    “Spider, Spider, come to tea.” “No, No Bird, not me!”

    It would be fun to act out different versions. The Bird wants to eat the Spider for tea……each insect also declines because it would be eaten…..I guess you could teach the food chain or different manners of behavior by each “guest.”

    One Kindergarten year (and only one, mind you) I had the kids invite their Teddy Bears for a Tea Party and when each small group came to me…in a rotating station…..I served them some weak black tea and we helped ourselves politely to “one lump or two” of sugar! Because I only had the 6 tea cups, I would up washing them quickly before the next group seated themselves! It’s actually activities like that the kids remember for years.

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