We Did the Monster Mash

In the words of my three year old, Nora, “Being a monster is fun!”  This week, when a checker asks you if you want paper or plastic, consider saying yes to paper instead of using your reusable bags for the sake of a monster craft.  Brown paper bags are great for making masks. We used glitter glue, paper, and pipe-cleaners to make our Monster mask. Nora wanted to be “a sweetie girl monster”.  What do you think?

We read the classic Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak to get into the spirit of it.  Dad got in on things and helped her make some paper mosters with the stickers that had come with her Happy Meal (don’t worry she gets apple slices, milk, and chicken nuggets).

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I think we will make them into puppets so they can join us in the Monster Dance Jam we have been having to this song.


2 thoughts on “We Did the Monster Mash

  1. Darling project! Be sure to look in the library for the Little Monster picture books,,,,,it turns out the Little Monster is afraid………..of Humans!

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